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Mr J Karolia is the Practice Director of PODOCARE Podiatry. He is an HPC registered Podiatrist who is passionate about providing comprehensive podiatric care for his patients. he takes a holistic approach and ensures every patient is directed towards better foot and lower limb health.Continuing education is very important to Jamil and he enjoys participating in numerous community events. he is an active member of the Society of Podiatry & chiropodist.

The PODOCARE FOOT CLINIC is owned by J.KAROLIA BSc (Hons) MChS. Mr J.KAROLIA graduated from BRIGHTON University in 2000 with a Batchelor of Science degree in Podiatry.

HE has worked in the NHS and a number of private practices and has a wide variety of skills including Biomechanics, Orthotics and all types of care including routine care and diabetic care.

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