What is a home visit?

Home visits are appointments which are made when a patient requires mobile podiatry treatment within the comfort of their own home. 

Anybody requiring podiatry treatment can request a home visit, there does not need to be a specific clinical problem, however some patients will benefit from this service more than others. Some patient groups who may benefit from podiatry home visits include;

  • Patients with restricted mobility 
  • Individuals with don’t have access to transport
  • Patients who are bedbound
  • Younger patients who have better compliance to treatments at home
  • Patients who find treatment at home more convenient

Our podiatrists can also provide treatment in residential and nursing homes as well as places of business. Businesses that employ staff who are required to spend a large amount of time on their feet may benefit from visit to their place of work. 

What happens during a home visit?

During an initial home visit appointment when the podiatrist is visiting for the first time an assessment of the patients needs and problems will be carried out. This first visit will be longer than a normal appointment as a full medical history will be taken along with the details of the patients GP.

The podiatrist will bring their own sterile equipment and treatment will be carried out in a room that the patient and podiatrist both consider convenient.

Services include all aspects of foot care needs including finger nails too.

Areas we cover 

  • BATLEY, 

To arrange an appointment for a home visit

e-mail Info@podocare.co.uk  

or call  01924 373189 OR 07956 962537

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