No referral is required.

Your health fund will cover a part of the cost of the Podiatry Services if your cover includes Podiatry. It is best to check with your health fund to be absolutely certain.

It is important to ensure that your child is growing in a correctly aligned manner. Our feet are the foundations of our body to the world we live in. Thus, a yearly assessment from the age of 3 years can only be of benefit to ensure both feet and sides of the body are functioning symmetrically from the feet up and hopefully prevent growing pains or future problems.

An orthotic is a shoe insert custom made to support, align, prevent, or correct a deformity or modify the position or motion and improve the function of the moveable parts of the body.

Any human being who walks on flat hard surfaces everyday! See our page on “All you need to know about orthotics”.

Podiatry is the global term for medical practitioners of the feet. Our official title with the HCPC is Chiropodist/Podiatrist as there is no difference between the two professions. Podiatry is the main professional term that has been used for the past few decades and we will normally refer to ourselves as Podiatrists. We carry out all the functions that you would associate with a Chiropodist. Having undergone extensive medical training, we are able to treat a wide range of footcare issues as well as being qualified to administer local anaesthetic and carry out minor surgery where necessary.

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